Case StudyUSAID Boresha Habari

Jamii Media conducted capacity building on social media to journalist and radio marketing to twenty (20) radio stations in Tanzania mainland and isles.

CAPACITY BUILDING20 Community Radio Stations

The USAID Boresha Habari (“Better News”) activity supports an open, inclusive environment in which media and civil society provide accurate and impartial information that promotes participation, inclusion, and accountability. A core focus of this activity is to engage and empower women and youth.

The goal is to elevate their voices, influence, and public sphere issues as both producers and consumers of information.

The project is implemented by FHI 360 and Internews with Jamii Media as a critical partner for digital & radio marketing capacity building. Boresha Habari enables Tanzanian media and civil society to promote freedom of expression and access to information. The activity aims to increase independent, reliable, and data-driven information in the public sphere and engage citizens in a well-informed general discussion on important issues of the day.

A priority is to work with selected community radio stations throughout the country to increase their professional capacity to deliver locally driven quality information and improve their business and financial sustainability


Capacity building key partner.

As a project’s key partner, Jamii Media conducted capacity building on social media to journalist and radio marketing to twenty (20) radio stations in Tanzania mainland and isles. The selected social media training are; Country FM (Iringa), Nuru FM (Iringa), Lake FM (Mwanza), Voice of Africa – VOA (Korogwe), Mwambao FM (Tanga), Rasi FM (Dodoma), Nyemo FM (Dodoma), Arusha One Radio (Arusha), Sunrise Radio (Arusha), ICE FM (Makambako) and Uplands FM (Njombe).

Others were Mbeya Highlands FM (Mbeya), Chai FM (Tukuyu), Safari FM (Mtwara), Fadhila FM (Lindi), Hits FM (Zanzibar), Chuchu FM (Zanzibar), Micheweni Community Radio (Pemba), Mkoani Community Radio (Pemba) and Uvinza Community Radio (Kigoma).

Technology Partner; The company also procures a .tz domain name, creates a website, and hosts the designed website for all radio stations. Following the previous training and services, there are the following success stories.

TESTIMONIALSPartner experience

“Jamii Media taught us better programming. We established a 30-minute agriculture program. Currently sponsored by local agriculture shops and small milk processors. Apart from that, we have a 15-minute program which is sponsored by one of Tanzania’s largest milk processors”

Ally Kingo
Station Manager – Chai FM

“Working with Jamii Media Team was exemplary. They visited our station in Makambako and spent days understanding our business and technological challenges. They taught us many things and advised innovative revenue models such as barter, we got back up batteries for airtime.”

Jacob Mwenga
Station Manager – Ice FM

“Our station was in urban, filled with vibrate tech-driven youth staff. However, we hadn’t realized our full potential until the team from Jamii Media came. They taught us how to incorporate social media into our programming. Currently, our digital presence is useful; we even get clients on Instagram.”

Khadija Mohammed
Station Manager – Arusha One Radio