Media & NGO Research

We study media state and its effects on social, psychological, and physical aspects and design data-driven interventions for our clients and partners.

WHAT WE DOData-driven solutions

Research and scientific research are being conducted to provide results to help with social, professional, and scientific evolution. Gathering data and information and analyzing them is the only way for a researcher to conclude. At Jamii Media, we conduct Media Research to study older forms, like newspaper, radio, and television, and the new formats such as Online Media and social media. Also, we conduct studies on business practices as well as Civil Society sustainability in the country. Finally, we study the convergence between the media, Civil Society, and technology and how they can be leveraged to achieve organizational goals.

Media Analysis as a subset of Content Analysis

At Jamii Media, we adopt the description offered by Jim Macnamara, Professor of Public Communication at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia, as “a technique which aims at describing, with optimum objectivity, precision, and generality, what is said on a given subject in a given place at a given time.”

Our Media analysis focuses on the editorial media – online aggregation sites, news articles, investigative features, opinion columns, letters to the editor, radio broadcasts, etc. Moreover, we study social media, such as TwitterInstagramFacebook, and YouTube. Also, we focus on the business side of the media and test various revenue models for both traditional and online media.

Unveiling CSO challenges and opportunities

Existing research on civil society organizations (CSOs) focuses on restricted civic space and concentrates on the crackdown on freedoms and CSOs’ strategies to handle these restrictions. They are often emphasizing the impact of their more confrontational public roles. Rarely do we see studies that aim to discover the weak points and find the best solutions for them.

At Jamii Media, we believe civil society is an essential building block of development and national cohesion. Civil society organizations play multiple roles. Since they are an indispensable source of information for both citizens and government, our research focuses on how they operate and find the best solutions to address their challenges.

ConsultingImproving communication and technological priorities.

We work to understand how Civil Society and Media work in isolation and their convergence.

We study both Media and CSOs to learn how they work, their challenges as well as the opportunity for growth. Some of our reports and analysis are internal (specific to partner organization), and some of them are public. The public report aims to contribute to the pool of knowledge and help non-partner organizations benefit from our research. Visit our News & Updates page to see published analysis and insights