Technology Adoption

We help Development Organizations, Government, Media and Civil Society adopt and leverage new technologies.

WHAT WE DOSmoothern the technology adoption journey

Nonprofits are impact-based organizations; they are the good guys of our Society. Today Nonprofit needs technology to increase efficiency, reduce manual processes, and collect the data required to improve program results. Civil Society’s ability to perform their missions is improved when supported by the right technology platforms.

In Tanzania, much more needs to be done to fully equip an industry whose goal is to improve our world and solve some of our most challenging and intractable societal and environmental problems. Adoption is critical to see the benefits your organization seeks, and it doesn’t happen by accident.

Even before you implement, you should already be thinking about how your organization will adopt your solution. Numerous surveys cite the high failure rate of IT projects, and nonprofit studies show that leading organizations invested strategically in technology training. And, no matter where you are in the implementation process, putting together an adoption plan can help point you in the right direction.

How Technology Transform the Nonprofit Sector

 The nonprofit sector tends to operate on tight budgets, so the cost of up-to-date technology can seem prohibitive. But effective use of technology can spawn innovation, improvements in efficacy, and better delivery on a mission, more than justifying the cost and the challenges of organizational change.

If done effectively, technology adoption isn’t gadget chasing; it’s strategically selected digital tools that empower staff and stakeholders to deliver on the organization’s mission. It’s a culture of innovation that welcomes digital, nondigital, or hybrid solutions. Upon analysis of your organization’s resources and needs, our team is prepared to help your organization navigate the adoption process.

Essential digital technologies for nonprofits

Managing a nonprofit takes patience, hard work, and a lot of organization. From planning peer-to-peer fundraisers to properly marketing online campaigns, there are many items on to-do lists. Today, we use computers, the Internet, and other networking technology.

Some of the essential digital technologies are volunteer management and support, donor management, client tracking, and support, project management, human resources (paid staff) management, financial accounting, program evaluation, research, marketing, activism, and collaboration. Nonprofit organizations that engage in income-generation activities, such as ticket sales, may also use technology for these functions.

ConsultingWe offer more than just workshops & seminars

We work to understand your issues and are driven to to find cost effective, efficient way for your technological needs.

Technology makes it possible to expand a nonprofit’s reach in the products and services they provide, thereby increasing their capacity to serve their intended population. The right technology helps nonprofits significantly by helping them increase their revenue. We are your partner in this transformational journey.