Case StudyNational Sanitation Campaign

Jamii Media developed and implement all digital and technology-related activities for the project.

Social Media Nyumba ni Choo Campaign

Tanzanian Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly, and Children (MoHCDGEC) in partnership with Project CLEAR – a consortium of international and Tanzanian experts in behavior change, sanitation, hygiene, marketing, capacity strengthening, research, and management designed and support the delivery of a national sanitation and hygiene behavior change campaign.

This assignment’s objective is to lead the design and support the delivery of a national-wide behavior change campaign to ensure the adoption and sustainability of improved sanitation and hygiene practices in Tanzania- using a behavior-centered design approach.

The project kicked off in January 2017, with inception meetings attended by members of the Tanzanian Water Sector Development Program’s (WSDP) Technical Working Group 4 (TWG4) on Sanitation and Hygiene.

The project developed a behavior change campaign for sanitation and hygiene in Tanzania based on the creative concept around modernity that poses that a house is not complete without a restroom—using -Usichukulie Poa, Nyumba ni Choo as an overarching slogan. This campaign was launched in December 2017 by her excellence Samia Suluhu Hassan, then vice president of the United Republic of Tanzania in Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania.


Digital & technology key partner.

Jamii Media is subcontracted to develop and implement all digital and technology-related activities for the project. Specifically, Jamii Media proactively creates editorial content (stories, photos, contests, campaigns, audio, video, infographics, etc.) in cooperation with Project Clear Communication Team and adapts for media pitching, web, and social media, posting daily to respective channels.

Jamii Media supported the campaign by conducting project social media management by; Continuously update and implement NyumbaNiChoo’s digital engagement strategy, maintain and update a project website and social media pages through planned content themes and schedules, prepare social media packs for flagship events, initiatives, campaigns, actively engage with online audiences through social media channels, conduct online monitoring and create monthly reports.

TESTIMONIALSPartner experience

“Jamii Media taught us better programming. We established a 30-minute agriculture program. Currently sponsored by local agriculture shops and small milk processors. Apart from that, we have a 15-minute program which is sponsored by one of Tanzania’s largest milk processors”

Ally Kingo
Station Manager – Chai FM

“Working with Jamii Media Team was exemplary. They visited our station in Makambako and spent days understanding our business and technological challenges. They taught us many things and advised innovative revenue models such as barter, we got back up batteries for airtime.”

Jacob Mwenga
Station Manager – Ice FM

“Our station was in urban, filled with vibrate tech-driven youth staff. However, we hadn’t realized our full potential until the team from Jamii Media came. They taught us how to incorporate social media into our programming. Currently, our digital presence is useful; we even get clients on Instagram.”

Khadija Mohammed
Station Manager – Arusha One Radio