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We work with Development Organisations, Civil Society and Media

What we do with partners

Everything we do is with partners. These are some of the focus areas
We leverage media and technology to provide high-quality programming interventions for Development Organizations, Government, Media and Civil Society.
We study media state and its effects on social, psychological, and physical aspects of Tanzanian society. The findings inform the design of data-driven interventions.
We help nonprofit organizations in Tanzania develop fundraising strategies focusing on identifying and mapping potential donors. Navigating Challenges – Together

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Casestudy 01USAID Boresha Habari (Better News)

The USAID Boresha Habari (“Better News”) activity supports an open, inclusive environment in which media and civil society provide accurate and impartial information.

Case Study 02Ndotohub's Women in Media Incubation

In partnership with Ndotohub, we worked to incubate a cohort of Women in Media. The aim is to build women’s capacities to influence a balance on the media gender lens.

Case study 03National Sanitation Campaign

Funded by the UK government and in partnership with a consortium, we worked as technology partner in national sanitation and hygiene behaviour change campaign.

ABOUT USIn uncertain times, it's important to stay focused on the future

At Jamii Media; High tech and high impact come together through various strategies such as institutional strengthening, Raising Awareness, Capacity Building, Research & Advocacy, Information Dissemination, Provision of Services, Networking & Linkages, and Technical Assistance.

Our vision is a nation with high-quality livelihood, peace, stability and unity, good governance, a well-educated and learning society; and a competitive economy capable of producing sustainable growth and shared benefits.

Our mission is to equip civil society with strategies, tools, and skills to leverage media and technology to advance they are serving the Tanzanian community.

Your organisation is unique. We believe media & IT strategies should be too.