Business Consultancy

We help NGOs develop fundraising strategies focusing on identifying and mapping potential donors.

WHAT WE DONavigating Organisation Challenges – Together

We offer tailored business and management consulting and advisory services to Nonprofits Organizations and Media houses in Tanzania. We provide comprehensive services to support Our partners through Business/organization Strategy, Operational and Process Excellence, People, and Change. We use innovative methods to unlock your organization’s hidden potential and steer it to success. We possess the business skills and knowledge required, whether it be to make a diagnosis and provide intelligent business solutions or to resource critical projects.

Specifically, we offer business consulting in the following areas.

Fundraising Strategy

Resource mobilization is a crucial organizational function to enable strategic policy and operational priorities to be implemented coherently, predictable, and sustainably. The fundraising process covers entire business cycles such as governance and policy decision-making, corporate planning and budgeting, resource allocation, programs delivery, and management.

We help nonprofit organizations in Tanzania develop fundraising strategies focusing on identifying and mapping potential donors, Gathering the right tools and then crafting the specifics of the strategy, developing a plan, and help with execution strategies. Finally, we support fundraising analysis through tracking, measuring, and studying the performance.

CSOs and the Media Relation.

Civil society has a vital role in our communities. Civil societies are closely connected to the media and, somehow, in specific interdependent relation to them in their various work and social action fields. As an organization, CSO needs to communicate how it is performing concerning its existence constantly.

Due to their day-to-day work and fast-paced information society, one of the most significant challenges for CSOs is media relations. Our internal survey on CSOs and literature review shows that the trust between the media and CSOs is inadequate. The media do not see CSOs as partners in building democracy and reaching the citizens; CSOs do not see the media as an independent actor towards the civil society and the citizens. Neither have strategies on how to work together.

ConsultingConsulting Is More Than Giving Advice

We work to understand your issues and are driven to ask better questions in the pursuit of making work.

We work with both Media and CSOs to uncover the challenges and mend the poor relationship.  We help identify and patch the weak capacities of the media and civil society organizations and fill the internal and external problems in their functioning. We do it through consultancy services to both parts as a mutual third party. Also, we provide training and technical assistance to enhance the professionalism of communication departments on CSOs.