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Job Post: Project Administration and Communications Assistant – Jamii For Good, Jamii Media

About Jamii for Good

Jamii for Good is the non profit arm of Jamii Media. It supports positive social transformation, leveraging media and technology to create a sustainable and equitable world. Through innovative projects and collaborative initiatives, we empower communities, promote inclusivity, and drive positive change.

Our mission is to contribute to livelihood improvement, effective governance, and economic growth, creating a lasting impact on individuals and societies. Jamii For Good’s core expertise lies in training journalists and media outlets on producing impactful human interest stories and sustaining business independence and viability in the digital age. Our projects like the Digital Media Innovation Program, She-Owns-Media Initiative, as well as the e-learning platform for journalists, The Click Institute, all aim at improving the capacity, professionalism, and sustainability of the media profession.

About the Project


The Tanzanian media’s coverage of the 2020 elections underscores a significant issue: a stark underrepresentation of ordinary people and women in election reporting. With only 10 percent of media units featuring ordinary citizens as sources, and female voices visible in merely 20 percent of the coverage, the media’s narrative around elections is conspicuously narrow. This underrepresentation is even more problematic given that women are participating equally in the elections. 

According to the 2020 general elections report, out of the 29,754,699 people that registered to vote, 50.33% on the mainland and 51.95% in Zanzibar were women. Despite only 50.72% of registered voters eventually voting, there is reason to believe that women’s turnout reflected these figures closely. In elections, it’s crucial that voters have space to participate in discourse as much as candidates do. However, our media falls short in this regard, as sources are rarely ordinary citizens, especially women. This significant group, highly represented in elections, is not adequately catered for in media discourse, which undermines the democratic process. This limited representation is not an isolated problem but reflects a broader trend within the Tanzanian media landscape, characterized by event-based reporting rather than media own initiated stories. Such an approach has created an echo chamber, amplifying certain voices while displacing others from the discourse. 

Amplify Her Political Voice

The Amplify Her Political Voice is a project funded by the Embassy of Netherlands in Tanzania. It seeks to enhance female perspectives in Tanzanian digital electoral reporting by increasing the representation of ordinary women voices in electoral discourse and by empowering female journalists who own online media outlets to understand electoral reporting regulations and produce non-event based electoral content that is catered to women and uses more women as sources. The project aims to foster a more inclusive media landscape, ensuring diverse perspectives.

About the Role

Job Title: Project Administration and Communications Assistant (under a Consultancy Contract)

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 

Reports to: Project Manager

Contract: 6 months contract (renewable based on performance)

Summary of the Role: 

As the Project Administration and Communications Assistant, you will support the Project Manager to implement the project work plan and showcase the project’s progress and  impact to external audiences in accordance with the project’s strategic communications strategy and plan. You will lay the groundwork that aids smooth project execution. You will work closely with multiple stakeholders to ensure that project implementation runs according to the set schedule. You will be involved in the recruitment, onboarding and training of the participants.

Tasks and Activities

  • Providing administrative support including managing calendars, scheduling events and appointments and managing correspondence.
  • Documenting and following up on important actions and decisions from meetings.
  • Undertaking project tasks delegated by the project manager
  • Documenting and reporting project’s progress and impact
  • Executing the Jamii for Good’s  communications plan
  • Drafting communications copy- press releases, impact stories, blogs and social media posts through out the project life cycle
  • Acting as a point of contact and communicating project status to all participants.

Experience, Abilities and Skills Required:

  • Strong skills in using Google Forms, Google Docs, Google Presentations
  • A creative mind with extremely strong creative writing skills in English 
  • Strong verbal communication skills in both English and Swahili
  • Ability to follow instructions given and execute accordingly
  • Strong attention to details
  • Strong organization skills
  • Experience in implementing communications plans is a plus
  • Familiarity with design software such as Canva is a plus
  • Familiarity with web content management
  • A Degree and/or Masters Degree would be great but we are more concerned about your ability to get the job done and done well.

APPLY HERE before July 5th, 2024