AnalysisApril 23, 2021

How Twitter was used in Tanzania Law Society 2021 Election


On April 15-16 this year, TLS held an Annual General Meeting and General Conference in Arusha conducted general elections. In that election, Dr. Edward Hosea was elected TLS President on April 17, 2021, for the 2021/2022 year.


As part of our ongoing media research in Tanzania, Jamii Media analyzed how Twitter was used in that election by two candidates. The first candidates were Dr. Edward Hosea and the other is a director of Business & Human Rights Centre-Tanzania, Ms. Flaviana Charles (223 votes). The choice for the candidate was due to their utmost usage of Twitter.

We collected tweets from both candidates and their support and analyzed for pattern and its spread. Social Media has always been perceived to have an effect on election outcomes. A popular narrative holds that Twitter played a decisive role in both recent American presidential elections and the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” referendum. We summarized our findings and opinion and published them on Twitter.